The crew

  • Visual Designer - Karl Waghorn-Moyce
  • User Experience Designer - Carla Berkers
  • Developer - Micheal Hudson-Doyle


Subiquity is Ubuntu's new Server Installer which is available via your text-based UI application, developers make use of this for rapid development. We were tasked with creating a visual langauge for the installer.

Development cut.

The developers created some screens using the default installer settings, the colours were very contrasting on UI elements and the layout on content was very sporadic.

Subiquity process

What we did.

I created a style guide and updated the color and interface styles to fit inline with Vanilla, our Design system we use for cloud products and marketing websites.

Subiquity style guide

What we achieved.

The developers were onboard with updates to color and interface styles, the designed screens for the tect-based UI are now consistent through both styling and layout.

Subiquity screens