Landscape Openstack Autopilot.


The crew

  • Visual Designer - Karl Waghorn-Moyce
  • User Experience Designer - Carla Berkers
  • Front-end Developer - Rich McCartney


Landscape is the leading management tool to deploy, monitor and manage your Ubuntu servers. I worked on the GUI of Autopilot (a platform for OpenStack) - the number one platform for public clouds for users to quickly build and deploy their cloud services.

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What we did.

Initial skethes of the user flow for a step-by-step guide of building and deploying your cloud services.

Landscape wireframes

What we achieved.

High fidelity visuals of the application.

1. Configure your cloud: Select your compute, network, object and block storage components.

Landsape cloud configure

2. Configure your cloud: Compute services selected.

Landsape cloud selection

3. Add hardware: Select machines from your region/location.

Landsape hardware

4. Autopilot placement: Configure the percentage of cores across your compute services.

Landscape cloud placement

5. Summary: Status of installation and deployment.

Landsape cloud complete

Web version.

We also created a web verison for users that regularly use the service, who are able to quick build and deploy in minutes.

Landsape autopilot Landsape autopilot get started