Production-grade Kubernetes.


The crew

  • Visual Designer - Karl Waghorn-Moyce
  • User Experience Designer - Clara Lavina
  • Front-end Developer - Luke Wesley-Holley


JuJu is the open-source orchestration system for cloud native infrastructures, which is the easiest way to automate the deployment, scaling, lifecycle and management of your applications. I worked on creating a one-page website to promote the latest production-grade Kubernetes, from the experts behind Ubuntu and the Kubernetes community.

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What we did.

We set out to create a landing page promoting Canonical's pordction-grade Kubernest modal, providing best practices for getting started out of the box. Working closely with community members and developers we iterated many versions until we were happy with the content and structure of the page.

Kubernetes iterations

What we achieved.

Final version of the site tested well to define the target audience for this page, looking at the analytics for the two Kubernetes bundles (Canonical and Core) and the dedicated page in ubuntu.com. We were able to find behavioural patterns and understand what people want to know about Kubernetes.

Kubernetes topic website

Responsive layout.

Kubernetes responsive