King Pro Challenge.


The crew

  • Visual Designer - Karl Waghorn-Moyce & Sab Jhitta
  • Copywriter - Amy Taylor
  • Front-end Developer - Limited


King Pro Challenge is the game for industry professionals looking to test their skills, knowledge and game development credentials. Our goal was to create an app that was playful, but also gave applicants an idea of the culture at King. We wanted to use the app to help find talent enticing users to then apply for technical roles at King.

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Style guide.

We followed King games series of individual styles, components, and guidelines used for creating a unified user interface.

King pro challenge guidelines

What we did.

Initial sketches and wireframes evolved many times during the design process, in particular the user flow and content to keep users engaged whilst reatining the playful culture at King.

King pro challenge process

What we achieved.

A range of playful menu, questions and level completion screens which encapsulated the culture and their new employer brand ‘Seriously Playful’

King pro challenge app King pro challenge app


Good ratings across iOS and Android smartphone devices.

King pro challenge app