Evening Standard.


The crew

  • Visual Designer - Karl Waghorn-Moyce
  • User Experience Designer - Emily Jarvis
  • iOS Developer - Dominic Chapman


The design was based on a series of templates which were crafted using the Design Tool, these templates were then used in the app and were populated with live feed content, direct from the London Evening Standard website.

View iOS application

What we did.

The app received a complete redesign, from the section templates to the article pages. New fonts were used and the menu was also updated.

Evening standard wireframes

What we achieved.

In January 2015 the app was relaunched with a brand new design, having seen improvements in many key metrics which show an increase of 20% in App and PDF page views.

Evening standard iPad

iPhone version.

The templates were designed to scale for smaller screens so that users had the same experience for mobile devices.

Evening standard iPhone